m/Indivsite/en/indivit.asp__upgrad e not working, active x does not initiate at the top__Running Media Player 11 and Overdrive Media Console
The Windows Media Player requires a security upgrade to play protected content. The security upgrade may also be run in internet Explorer at the following site: Two programs are involved:1. Windows Media Player for Windows xp2. Overdrive Media Console.Please note: this software was downloaded via links to the Dallas Public Library in Dallas Texas Called Digital Downloading or something of that nature.After using Microsoft Internet Explorer I typed in the following address: before I could respond a pop up message above the window said that I required an active x install and I clicked on it but nothing happened and the button to upgrade the security software was a dead link. Oh I did close Internet Explorer and opened it back up and reentered the URL as indicated above and this pop up message that indicated a required active x control be initiated did not occur.that is all I have. thanks in advance.human
October 27th, 2010 3:25pm not working, active x does not initiate at the topRunning Media Player 11 and Overdrive Media Console.Windows media player security upgrade in overdrive media console tools click for the security upgrade and get and make sure your firewall and internet security software allows both media player and console can access the internet. when I click the link I get Over Drive Media Console error A problem has occurred in the Digital Rights Management component. Contact Microsoft product support.I am running Microsoft Windows xp Home Edition Service Pack 3I am running Norton Internet Security 2011I am running Windows Media Player 11 for Windows xpI uninstalled Windows Media Player then re-downloaded it and re-installed it.I have run Microsoft Update and downloaded and installed all high priority security updates on 10/27/2010 Wednesday.human
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October 27th, 2010 9:20pm

Hi,1. How long have you been facing this issue?2. Did you make any recent hardware or software changes on your computer prior to this issue?3. Which version of internet explorer are you using?Let’s try the below methods and check.Method 1: You may try performing system restore, if the issue has started recently.Refer: 2: Uninstall active and then try upgrading security components.Refer: may also check the below steps.Step 1: Installing ActiveX Controls from the IE Information Bara. Internet Explorer (IE) includes an information bar displayed below the toolbar menu for warnings and alerts. If ActiveX is not installed, a website that usesActiveX controls will cause IE to display a message on the information bar:"Pop-up blocked. To see this pop-up or additional options click here..."b. Click the information bar. Click Install ActiveX Control.c. The information bar will alert you whenever you visit a web site that tries to download a program or file. Click the information bar for more information and to choose whether to download the file.Step 2: Enabling ActiveX Controls on IEa. Launch Internet Explorer (IE). In the top menu bar, select "Internet Options" under "Tools."b. Click the "Security" tab, and click the "Custom Level" button.c. A list of controls will be displayed. Enable the following:Allow previously unused ActiveX controls to run without prompt.Run ActiveX controls and plug-insd. Click "OK" to close the dialog box.e. Click "OK" to confirm that you're sure you want to save changes.f. Exit browser and reopen IE.Method 3: Check if the issue persists in clean boot state.Refer: and Regards Umesh P - Microsoft Support. Visit our Microsoft Answers Feedback Forum and let us know what you think. [If this post helps to resolve your issue, please click the "Mark as Answer" or "Helpful" button at the top of this message. By marking a post as Answered, or Helpful you help others find the answer faster.]
October 28th, 2010 6:14am

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