wires 802.1x eap-md5 broken in vista?
I have a wired network with the switch requesting 802.1x authentication. Works fine with XP pro, XP (home or pro) plus meetinghouse aegis client, or linux. But with windows vista:- the tab in the network connection is gone. where do I configure authentication?- the service for wired authentication isn't started by default. normally the connection doesn't work at all, but if I start the service manually I get one popup asking me for username and password (same as with XP).- the authentication doesn't work - the radius server reports an authentication error. the same user/password is fine with xp pro, xp + aegis or linux machines. (also no restrictions on the switch port or similar).any idea what I can try to get it working?thanks, Michael
June 26th, 2007 1:42pm

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