windows vista user management
I have lenevo 3000N100 with vista business installed. initially i tried to configure it to my corporatre domain. i manged to do so,but my welcome scree was so weired, with oress ALT+CTL+DEL to login rather than conventional box with user name password n domain.,..other users using it have to know the username, it was not there like in normal one where u just choose it click it...i did not like it so i removed it from domain n added users with when i login with my finger scan secrty i am promted to put password for the user account i added with the domain. i have already removed the domain, i cannot see this account in the user management panel and wheni key in new password and reconfirming password it does not accept. i want to remove this user and domain. i do not see this domain anywhere in can i do this?
June 8th, 2007 6:12am

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