incomming request to server is not working
hello everyone..!!! well i have one problem with my 2003 sever.. my server configartion are as follows.. server with two NIC server is a dual processor with 600 x 2one GB ram8MB Agp30GB SCSI harddiskone dvd and one cd romnic one is intel which bulit-in motherboardnic second is HP one my network configration are ( my server is also a dns server so i am using same ip address) my server intel nic ip rang /setup are as,ip address rang from to DNS : server ip default gateway is ( defualt gateway for clients) subnet please note :- above setting are for internal network only. my second HP nic get setting from DHCP whih is my isp router(server 2nd nic ip setting are as ). my server is working properly like its authenticate the client,DNS ,DHCP working properly and iis working fine, my client can acess website which i host on IIS,basicly i want setup webserver on my win2003 which can be access from internet but i am not getting responce from outside.if i try to access website from outside the request come to the router but does not come to the server,what i have dome to setup webserver.i have a domin on godaddy sever which is, i just add AHOST record name (local) on dgt-soltuion mx record control panel,which become like this ( where Ahost record local having ip address same a my router public ip) what i have done in router i simply forward the incoming request on router ip to the internalserver ip and also mention in router about translation in webserver. but somehow request does not come to the server.i dont why?... kindly help me out to slove the issue
June 9th, 2007 4:24pm

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