i need urgent help! kfajsfjas.
omg. im getting so ticked at my laptop. im the ADMINISTRATOR over my OWN laptop. well, at least i THOUGHT i was! my vista keeps telling me that i need aministrative permission to do certain tasks, but what it doesnt do is give me the choice to type in an administrative password! it just says you need permission and closes what i was doing.... i go into my user account control and go into my user folder's properties to try and change me back over to an administrator, but it just changes it right back. what is going on?? and im having another problem wth my iTunes and VBScript! iTunes is not working do to something that is wrong with my VBScript. i have no clue as to what this even is.... any urgent help is extremely wanted! thanks.
June 9th, 2007 12:53am

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