accessing files on an XP computer from a vista computer
I've setup a home network between my laptop (running vista basic) and my desktop (running XP pro) I'm able to see the shared folders (and the files inside) on my desktop, from my laptop, but i cannot copy them to my laptop, or perform any kind of processing on the files, besides opening them. I've checked the box on the 'folder properties --> sharing and security" on my shared XP folders - "allow network users to change my files" but this does not help. Iv'e also tried to change my XP sharing setting to simple sharing, which means I desegnate who is allowed to change my files, but this still does no good. any ideas?
May 26th, 2007 11:00pm

Please check out my computer blog todayon how I successfully resolved theXP <> Vista networking issue at If anyone else succeeds, please let the rest of us know what other or different steps you needed to take, by responding to my previous post (today) here at Sunthar
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June 3rd, 2007 8:38pm

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