Workgroup networking between Vista and other platforms
If you are having trouble with seeing other computers within a workgroup in Windows Vista, you are not alone. I manage a small business network (6 machines total)in my spare time and the company just recently purchased a new laptop with Vista Business. After reading some hype about how Vista is supposed to be so easy to network, I was confident there would be no problems on my network. This was not the case. I will Decsribe the network before elaborating. Machines: Windows Server 2003 (SP2) Machine 4 Windows XP Pro (SP2) Machines Newly added Windows Vista Business machine The server is used for file sharing, web hosting, and e-mail. The machines are connected through a Linksys Router (both cabled and wireless). The workgroup is not the default but all machines are on the same workgroup. I opted not to use a domain on such a small network. The problem: After joining the workgroup all of the machines could see the Vista machine but the Vista machine could not be accessed nor could it see any machine but itself. The solution: This is more of a work around than a solution but I am happy enough until Microsoft either changes the functionality or fixes it. This is also more for a small home or business network if you have a lot of computers this could be a pain. First, make sure all firewalls on all computers are set up to allow networking traffic. This seems like a no-brainer but sometimes you forget the simple things. Next, run command prompt. type "ipconfig/all" Locate the local IP address (for Linksys users it should be something like etc...) Next, on the Vista machine, click the start orb and in the search bar type "\\" (or your corresponding IP addres of the computer you wish to access) This should bring up that computer. I then mapped the network drive using the IP address as well. This is a quick and dirty fix, and for those that wish to elaborate on making it look more like traditional networking, please post on this thread. I hope my description was beneficial. I know there is not a lot of documentation helping with this issue yet.
June 29th, 2007 9:31pm

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