Windows XP to Windows 7 w/ Window Easy Transfer w/ offline Files
Hello, I have recently run into a problem w/ windows xp to windows 7 profiles migration issues. First Let me setup the situation: Windows XP Professional SP3 domain Joined "Invalid Parameter in Offline file cache" ie c:\windows\csc to a Windows 7 Professional domain Joined Using Windows Easy Transfer I was unable to migrate a users My Documents to the New Windows 7 Professional Machine Windows XP Pro My Documents redirected to s:\My Documents, S: \\server\%username% Windows 7 Pro Machine Documents \\server\users\My Documents via Group Policy Okay that said Create Migration file on old Windows XP Pro System -> Network \\server\%username% Restore on New Windows 7 Pro Machine Documents didn't transfer because of differnce in UNC location on My Documents Redirection Extraction of .mig file via Mirosoft Support Retrived the Documents. But Why in the world didn't the .mig file transfer documents back to the new location ??? Documents are My Documents so why does the UNC location of the Offline files for my documents not transfer to the new Offline file Documents Location. Thanks, Brad Dale
March 24th, 2011 1:11am

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