Windows 7 FTP access via windows explorer
Hi, I have one weird situation with Windows 7 direct access to FTP site from windows explorer. Namely, I tested access on 6-7 PC's, and on all of them, after I enter ftp site name in address bar, I get prompt "log on as" in which I should enter username and pass, which is fine. But, on only one pc, when I enter the same ftp site address, I don't get prompt for username and pass. Instead, I get message that this is read only site because of proxy settings, and after that I am redirected to internet explorer, which I don't want. I checked all IE settings on all pc's, including affected one, and there are the same. I imported registry settings from working pc's to affected one, but without success. I tried all that I can think off, but I didn't find a fix for named problem. I presume that this is a windows issue, not IE issue, but I am not sure. The pc in question is Windows 7 professional, 32bit, with IE9. All pc's have proxy settings enabled, but I don't think that have any connection with login prompt for ftp in windows explorer... Does any one have any suggestion ? I didn't find any document explaining how does ftp from windows explorer work and where are registry setting for that part of windows actions. Kind regards, Drazen
November 20th, 2012 4:44pm

Hi Drazen, First, I suggest you use another use account to log this computer to check whether the login prompt for ftp will show. Meanwhile, you can try to reset Internet Explorer settings to check whether this issue is related to IE setting Also, you can test issue in Clean Boot mode. Hope this helps. Vincent Wang TechNet Community Support
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November 24th, 2012 1:37am

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