Vista - XP ICS problem
Gday All, I have a laptop running Vista connecting to the Internet with a Telstra BigPond wireless broadband NextG USB modem that works fine by itself. I need to share the Internet connection to a laptop running XP and this is where the ICS problem begins. Note that both laptops have been working fine on other wireless networks previously. I can establish an Internet connection with the XP laptop through the Vistas ICS , but the internet connection on BOTH laptops immediately grinds to a halt. It is defiantly establishing a connection as Outlook provides helpful messages such as down loading 1 of 67 emails, but no data is getting moved around. If I disconnect my XP laptop, the internet connection on the Vista laptop remains stuck until I close and reopen explorer, when it works just fine. I have tried both wired (hub) and wireless (WAP) LAN connections no difference. My Palm TX can connect, via a WAP, to the ICS on the Vista laptop and browses the internet just fine, but the Vista laptops internet access still grinds to a halt. Ive been at this for a week now, and have had no joy from Microsoft or Telstra, and can find nothing on the web relating to this. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Cheers, Phil
June 23rd, 2007 5:45am

hey sorry i cant help you out with that problem, although it may be that the laptop is giving over its internet connection to whatever is connecting to it, that may cause it to not have any connectivity itself. i do have one question for you though, how exactly did you get your Palm TX to connect to your vista laptop and share the internet connection? I have tried to no avail to share my connection with the same setup, Palm TX-->Windows Vista Laptop. I would appreciate your help greatly!
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July 3rd, 2007 12:32am

Try the following trick: Dear all, Just as what you guys feel, I've keep searching for a solution of this problem. Some people think that it is a bug, but I proved, it's not ture. Motivated by my curiosity and hacker sprits, I figured out that the problem is caused by a failed IPv6 stack problem, which repeatly shown in my event log. To address this problem, I tried to disable IPv6, disable new dynamic stack, disable firewalls, enable static IP and so on. But they all failed. To my surprise, the solution is extremely simple. First, disable the satic IP and ICS (if you have set previously). Second, go to Control panel > Network and Internet > Networkand Sharing center > Managing network connections (on the right corner)> Select all connections > right click on one of the connection > click "Network bridging" Third, when finished,right click on the icon of Network Bridge > select "properties" >unlock the UAC >remove the tick of your internet connection in the upper box > click "OK" Forth, right click the icon of your internet connection > select "properties" >unlock the UAC > go to the "sharing" page, tick both check box. > click "OK" Now, wait for the Windows Vista to recongnize the new network setting. Wait a minute and check if both computer can get access to interent. If the tricks failed to work, just restart both of PC. In fact, I have posted this few moths before, but no one get noticed! This is a proven solution.
July 17th, 2007 5:36pm

MAN!!! you owesome! I almost freaked out before found your post. In fact it worked with me!
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September 28th, 2008 6:11am

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