VISTA - Hidden Built-In Administrator Account
I understand that the built-in Administrator account on Vista has been hidden anddisabled. I have tried to enable it, but I receive an error message stating that Microsoft has disabled the account for the Vista Home edition, and that I am not allowed to access it. How can I get around this? I paid for the software, and would think that I should be able to access the accout. Thanks, Jeff
May 29th, 2007 9:37pm

It's only available in Safe Mode so that if something disastrous occurs with your PC you can recover it. You don't gain anything by re-enabling it so why bother?
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May 30th, 2007 2:37am

Hi Jeff, I found this on a UK company's website ( Hope it helps you! Detailed Instructions to Activate the Administrator Logon to Vista using your normal username and password. Click on the Start button Click on Start Search. Type, cmd. Right-click cmd, select 'Run as administrator' from the shortcut menu. In the black 'DOS box', type the following at the command line:Net help User The idea of the last command is just to observe the options for Net User. In particular examine the syntax to set the password. The next instruction is the crucial command. I have chosen password = pssworD, you may want to choose different characters. Net user administrator pssw0rd Net user administrator activate:yes Check the message : The command completed successfully Switch User, or logoff Logon as Administrator Password pssw0rD (Your password may be different!) Trap:There should be no space between the word 'activate' and the colon. Activate :yes is wrong. activate:yes is correct.
June 13th, 2007 5:10am

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