URL Manipulation when content-type is application/json (with UAG 2010)


I got a website published through HTTPS trunk (UAG2010) which works with "application/json" content type at some parts (AJAX objects).

The parts which use applicaton/json content-type are loaded with a bad URL's on the client side (the internal URLs)

How can i configure that UAG will manipulate this content-type? (so the HAT mechanism will manipulate these get requests and responses)

Thank you, Idan.

February 29th, 2012 8:20am

Hi Idan,

We had a similar issue with internal links not being translated for a particular UAG published website. You'll need to run fiddler or httpwatch from a UAG client to identify the failing URL link extension types, eg .jsp and .RF

Open the trunk configuration, and select the portal tab, click edit under Search and Replace Response Content. Under Servers, put the fqdn of the web server / publishing address, and under URLs, add the identified extensions.

We also had to have a custom WhlFiltSecureRemote_HTTPS.xml file created under Von\Conf\Websites\%trunk_name%\conf\CustomUpdate

which included the defined application type for the published website, and tells UAG when to use the search and replace parser.

Hope that helps.

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March 2nd, 2012 5:12pm

Hello Idan,

can you provide some Details, e.g. on how you manipulate the WhlFiltSecureRemote_HTTPS.xml to parse the necessary json Content.

Best regards,


June 18th, 2014 3:29pm

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