Trying to use Windows 7 VPN to connect over IPSEC/IKE
OK, they have Juniper kit, and it is IKE but just on straight IPSec without L2. What they said is they believe it can be done with the windows client, but they've not tried it.
November 1st, 2012 6:13am

Hi there I've been given access to a Server which hosts our cloud of VMs ...ESXi I think. It's using IKE with a pre-shared key. I can happily connect with the shrewsoft product, so I've been trying to reverse engineer the profile I was given with that so we can use the windows-supplied VPN client. I will contact our hosting service to get some more specific information, but I'm not entirely clear what I'll be asking for as they seemed to think I could get all the info out of this profile. Their config relies on a pre-shared key provided together with a UQFDN, whilst the MS one is more geared to a windows domain ... I can give it the psk, but it wants username/password and there is no way to provide the UQFDN. The MS client seems to be specific to Microsoft handshaking and encryption, I have the parameters for their scheme but, again, there is no way to input them. I'm assuming MS vpn wither won't do this, or I need to hack it all in the registry? An answer from someone knowledgeable would be great! Cheers Benedict Carey
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November 3rd, 2012 12:54pm

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