Threat Chrome as Virus
Hi, On the PC of my dad there is always Chrome on the system. Every time I delete chrome, it appears after some days... After uninstalling chrome, Google leaves some shortcuts on the system and if you click on the shortcuts, chrome is there again! If you make an update of the flash player, Chrome is here again! If you forget to remove also Google Updater, Chrome is here again! If you use Picasa, Chrome is here again! Some times, Chrome removes also the IE, and replace the shortcut of IE (not the icon!) so that if you click on IE the chrome browser is started. What can I do? How can I prevent to install this VIRUS? Is there an antivirus, where I can set it as virus? Or maybe Microsoft could add this to Defender? Thanks! Adriano
November 13th, 2012 5:12am

Please try: Manually uninstall Google Chrome in WindowsCarey Frisch
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November 28th, 2012 9:17am

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