Task Scheduler: Read Only Permissions: Standard User
Desire: Want to assign standard user accounts Read Only permissions to any scheduled task through all interfaces, both GUI & Command Line utilities. In other words, standard users cannot even create their own scheduled task. To accomplish in Windows XP: Simply apply deny permission (ACE) for USERS group to “Tasks” directory. In Windows 7: Windows XP solution doesn’t work. How would this be accomplished in Windows 7?
June 15th, 2010 10:12am

I am also wondering how this accomplished. I am locking down a Windows 7 environment for our users, but need to keep access to some Windows functions. One of the things I would like to do is keep Scheduled Tasks running as it is expected to run, but not allow Standard Users to be able to create tasks. How can this be done? I dont see any settings in Group Policy to do this. The Group Policy settings under User Configuration\Policies\Administration Templates\Windows Components\Task Scheduler only apply to XP and earlier. These settings do not work under Windows 7. Thanks.
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November 2nd, 2012 8:36am

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