Taken off from Domain and UAC troubles
If you can't see the image you can check it at: Vista ImageWhere do I put the password.My case was that my Vista machine was on the domain, for some reasons I had to take it off the domain, and I think my domain user was the Administrator User for the Vista machine now once I am off the domain and logged in with my normal user, UAC keeps giving me trouble. Where should I insert password it all disabled.
February 27th, 2008 7:36pm

Hi, I would like to suggest that you to check the following: 1. Please check whether your local computer's administrator's password is blank 2.Make surethe local administrator's account is notlocked and the password is not expired. 3. Try that right clicking the application that you want to open, choose "Run as a administrator". Hope it helps. -----------------------------Sincerely,Guozhen WangMicrosoft Online Community Support
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March 3rd, 2008 12:43pm

Hi,Getting this error, when trying to set password for the Administrator account.Please click the error link to take you to the image.Please help.
March 18th, 2008 8:16pm

Hi, According to your screen shot, I would like to suggest that you check the following: 1. Right click Administrator, choose Properties. 2. Make sure "User must change password at next logon" is unchecked. 3. Make sure "Account is disabled" is unchecked. 4. Try to change password for administrator again. Hope it helps.
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March 19th, 2008 11:03am

Now this time, I followed your instructions, "User must change password at next logon" was already unchecked, "Account is disabled" was checked, so I just unchecked it and hit the apply button and now getting this error: screenshot. It seems like Access denied no matter what I do.
March 19th, 2008 5:10pm

Hi, This issue may due to your current local user have no enough permission to perform this action. I thinkyour domain group policy may disabled your local administrator's account. Then,during the process ofpull out from domain, your domain user account which used tobe a member of your local administrator will be delete automatically. And youmay only have a local user account without administrator permission. So the UAC feature can not find any activity administrator account, this may caused it could not work properly in this situation. I would like to suggest that yourejoin the domain and enable your local administrator account. If you still want take it off domain, please make sure your local administrator not be disabled(before group policy take effect) before you take action. Then tryagain. Hope it helps.
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March 20th, 2008 12:38pm

In new installs of Windows Vista the Administrator account is disabled by default. Is there another local account on the computer that is an administrator? You will need to have local admin rights to re-join the domain as well.
March 21st, 2008 2:29am

There is other user which used to have Administrator rights before joining the domain, which doesn't have the administrator rights anymore after leaving the domain. It seems like I can't do much with my Vista OS anymore. Is there any way out.
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March 24th, 2008 5:12pm

Hi Farooq Karin, If you have no any local account with local administrator permission, I am afraid there are nothing you can do at this point.
March 25th, 2008 9:25am

Must be a bug then. Good coding practise is to not to allow the user to perform such a stuff, leaving system without an admin account in a OS like Vista is out of this world thing. Thanks
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March 25th, 2008 5:15pm

Hi, Thanks for bring your thought to us. I will report this issue to related team as a bug. I believe it will help us to improve our product better. Thanks again.
March 26th, 2008 10:23am

I also have the same situation with a brand new laptop, again the local user that was there before joining the domain was an administrator, now that user only has guest permissions.The laptop also has SP1 so the issue still remainsGoing to get it rebuilt as with the administrator account disabled, nothing more that can be done.
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May 8th, 2008 7:51pm

Mine Vista installation was on a VM and I had a snapshot of before I took it off the domain, so I rolled back to it and create a new user with Admin privilege and then took the Vista off the domain, then I used the new account as my primary account and that saved me from all the hassle of re doing everything. I hope you also have something like that.
May 8th, 2008 7:58pm

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