TPM password hash is not written in MBAM DB during automatic encryption
Hello, we use BitLocker with MBAM. We start the MBAM encryption automatically with the following command: manage-bde -on C: -TPMandPIN PIN -EncryptionMethod aes256_diffuser This works fine, the only problem is that the TPM password hash is not written into the MBAM database. If we start the encryption manually, everything works fine and the TPM password hash is written into the MBAM database. - But this is not an option for us. Is there a way to start the encryption automatically and to get the TPM password hash into the database? Thanks, Renate
November 21st, 2012 8:52am

Hi, It seems that TPM hash information is only captured when we initialize the TPM for first time on the machine. If you want this information in MBAM, you need to suspend Bitlocker and clear TPM from TPM management console. After this, MBAM will prompt you to initialize TPM and then you can see info in Manage TPM in MBAM console.Spencer TechNet Community Support
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November 24th, 2012 4:15am

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