Sharing system resources under UAC - is it possible?
I prefer to run my system under UAC with multiple profiles (generally separated by Work, Play, and just fool around). Of course work is the most important. The problem is that with UAC turned on, a number of key resources for my work become unavailable. These include: 1) All drives other than boot drive (D:, I: are most important as that is where work data resides.) 2) Some services (Networking with others on my local network.) A few others of minor nature, but if I can get the above resolved, the minors shall fall into place. Does any one know how to open up the drives to my Admin work accout (and maybe my other "lesser" accounts)? Thank you for your help. - Jim
June 27th, 2007 10:52pm

1) Change the security on the files/folders to explicitly grant appropriate levels of access to the user accounts. If you just want them to be entirely shared, you can assign appropriate rights to the Users group. 2) Not sure what you mean here. Does networking just not work at all under other accounts? Is it just file sharing that doesn't work? While you're at it, have you tried making the other accounts you've created Administrators on the computer (by default only the first account is an Administrator) and leaving UAC on? Does that help at all?
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June 29th, 2007 11:48am

Well, I've been out on a business trip and couldn't get back to this very quickly. But here goes - 1) I used Windows Explorer (while NOT and while in UAC) to: 1a) Right click Drive Letter. 1b) Select Share 1c) Select Security tab 1d) Examined Group or User Names and found group Administrators - selected, and Permissions for Administrators found that all permissions were granted (i.e. Full Control, Modify, etc.). This was done from previous attempts and left unchanged. 1e) I switched to UAC control for the account (Jim - defined as Administrator as it was first account defined within the OS). 1f) Rebooted (warm boot) 1g) Logged in. 1h) Started Windows Explorer and attempted to access drive. Message: Access Denied. 1i) Switched off UAC. 1j) Rebooted (warm boot) 1k) Logged in and found that full access now available. This System is a dual-boot configuration. Spindles contain: 0 = 3 partitions (1st = Original OS installaion of Windows XP Pro; 2nd = New installation of Windows Vista Business x64; 3rd = Low security play/household data); 1 & 2 = Spanned disk consisting of 2 160GB drives containing work data. After I am able to understand the Windows Vista x64 configuration settings better (i.e. security and access modes) an upgrade to Windows Vista Ultimate x64 shall occur - of which provides encryption technology imbedded in the OS. This to protect work data. After upgrade, elimination of dual-boot configuration is anticipated, and move of all critical work functions from Win XP Pro shall be accomplished. Win XP Pro currently uses 3rd party product for encryption of critical work data. The key of course - ability to configure properly, Windows Vista Business x64 in such a way that my Administrator account has full and unfettered access to all system drives and resources. As to Network Resources/Services: 2) Well, it's been to long away, and now I have to figure out what I was talking about. - Oh well, Senior Moment....
July 1st, 2007 7:38pm

Ah, I see your problem. You can't use the Administrators group to assign permissions in Vista, due to changes in the security model. Either assign permissions to the Users group, explicitly to individual accounts or create a new security group and use that - depending on what works best in your scenario.
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July 1st, 2007 10:13pm

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