Rootkit kicked me out of windows all together.
I have a rootkit in my computer that has locked me out of my admin account. I know the password, it is over 42 characters, said to be unbreakable. I have an error stating group policy failed "access Denied". What do I do. My computer came with Vista pre-installed. Even with a Account attached. I just reinstalled, but Now I find this was the rootkit account. That was put into my computer years ago, way before I bought it. What can I do?
March 15th, 2008 5:52am

Hi, To clean the rootkit from the computer, you can use the Windows Live OneCare safety scanner by following these steps: 1. Visit the following Microsoft Protection Center: 2. Click Protection Scan. 3. Read the service beta agreement, and then click Accept. 4. Click Install Now. 5. Click Install in the dialog box that appears. 6. When the scanner installation is completed, click Launch Scanner. For more information about the potential exploit vectors that may be exposed by rootkits and for general guidelines on remediating rootkit vulnerabilities, visit the following Microsoft TechNet Web site: Rootkits: The Obscure Hacker Attack Hope it helps.
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March 18th, 2008 10:25am

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