Kernrate on Windows 7
Hello, I'm just trying to perform a kernrate test because I suspect some issue with a driver but when I'm trying to perform the test I've got the following: c:\Program Files\KrView\Kernrates>Kernrate_i386_XP.exe -v 5 /==============================\ < KERNRATE LOG > \==============================/ Date: 2009/06/20 Time: 19:48:36 Machine Name: JB-DELLD620 Number of Processors: 2 PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE: x86 PROCESSOR_LEVEL: 6 PROCESSOR_REVISION: 0e08 Physical Memory: 2047 MB Pagefile Total: 4302 MB Virtual Total: 2047 MB PageFile1: \??\C:\pagefile.sys, 2256MB OS Version: 6.1 Build 7100 Service-Pack: 0.0 WinDir: C:\Windows Kernrate User-Specified Command Line: Kernrate_i386_XP.exe -v 5 KERNRATE: current IMAGEHLP SymOptions: UNDNAME DEBUG Kernel Profile (PID = 0): Source= Time, Using Kernrate Default Rate of 25000 events/hit KERNRATE: IMAGEHLP symbol search path is: .;srv*c:\symbols* .com/download/symbols;cache*c:\symbols;C:\Windows\System32\Drivers;C:\Windows\Sy stem32;C:\Windows NtCreateProfile on module PROCMON20, source 0 failed c0000005 Does someone know how to make it work ?
June 20th, 2009 8:52pm

There's a tutorial on using kernrate with Vista here: don't know if this will work with Windows 7. The tools here: work better with Vista and possibly Windows 7.Kerry Brown MS-MVP - Windows Desktop Experience
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June 20th, 2009 9:37pm

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