Internet access blocked
I kmow just enough to be dangerous, but I have set up 2 wireless networks on XP in my home, and have a wireless print server, too. I just replaced an older Dell Dimension with a new one running Vista basic. I am using Microsoft networking equipment (no longer supported unfortunately), and was able after a day to access the network. However, when I try to run the HP program from their site that detects connected HP equipment (a 6940 printer and a G3010 scanner) to check latest software, I lose my internet connection. I guess Vista is trying to block this, but I don't get an Active X error or anything like that, it just keeps disconnecting. What do I need to do to allow this access? The only solution Vista offers through the network connections tutorial when I try to restart or re-enable the connection is to disconnect the modem and so I just unplug the wireless device, and replug. Thanks.
June 10th, 2007 6:10pm

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