I know this is a windows XP issue but someone please yell !!
I've had this combination for a few months. All of a sudden I started loosing computers off the network 1 at a time. I can see the computers that are using the "wireless" wrt54g but I cant see any computers hardwired through switch. I can also use the internet?? on all computers?? All the computers are wired through the switch and the router is hooked to 1 port allowing internet access. These computers can also print through the lan using anetwork jet direct HP... Its just the sharing issues and the computers not showing up in the my network places. All the computers are using windows xp SP2. They were all working fine, now none of them are able to share files and the network drives created are not working... PLEASE HELP!! I think its a windows XP problem not a linksys problem as I trouble shot in any direction of this linksys
June 25th, 2007 12:08am

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