Friend has illegal/pirated copy of Windows 7
I know a person who downloaded and installed Windows 7 (a .iso file) and also downloaded and installed an activater (or activator?) program, which made Windows 7 think it's genuine. I've already tried to tell him that what he did is illegal, but he says it's genuine... so he won't buy Windows 7. How do I lock up his computer... or do something to his computer so he knows he has to buy a real copy? (Considering I can access it or not...)
March 2nd, 2010 7:20am

Don't mess with his computer. That's illegal in itself.You've done what a right-minded person should: Tell him that it's illegal. If he ignores you he's an immoral idiot, and you should distance yourself from him.Microsoft does have an anti-piracy division, if you feel strongly. I imagine they're more interested in catching the people distributing multiple illegal copies, but it's possible they have some scare tactics up their sleeves that may well deter your friend. (note the Reporting Piracy link at the upper-left).Running cracked software that one hasn't paid for is stealing, just the same as walking up to Microsoft's headquarters, unbolting the front door, and walking away with it would be.Oh, and make sure he downloads all the latest Windows Updates. KB971033 strengthens the "genuine" check.-Noel
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March 2nd, 2010 8:41am

Well, I was also concerned because he got it from a website, and the activation program...But thank you for the information. I'll see what other people have before I mark an answer.
March 3rd, 2010 7:23am

Hi, Thanks for your helping on anti-pirate. I suggest you discuss in the following forum. They will give more suggestions on this issue. Windows 7 Genuine Advantage Validation Issues (Windows 7 Arthur Xie - MSFT
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March 3rd, 2010 11:11am

Is it possible you could move this topic here? Or do you want me to post a new topic there?edit: I'll just start a new topic there, and refer to this one here.
March 7th, 2010 7:30pm

you are the biggest loser i know. Why would you waste your money on anything that you can get for free. And your a douche bag of a friend if you report him. I would love to stomp you out. Your just a little whinny bitch. lol you want to lock up his computer. What are you the police? Man get a life
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April 25th, 2011 3:07am

I agree and disagree with some of the answers given here? Reason? I purchased a legal Key for Windows 7 and to make sure it was legal I partitioned a drive(20Gb) and installed Windows 7 to this partition and successfully activated it! In the meantime I was in the process of rebuilding my comp going from a dual-core to a Quad-core and a couple of new drives(1 X terabyte & 2 X 500Gb Sata's) I thought once I had finished building my comp I would install my Windows 7 and activate it on my new comp?????? WRONG..............poxy Gates and his m8's wouldn't let me activate and kept telling me it was an illegal copy of Windows 7? So got on the phone to Microsoft and they told me that the COA which I had bought had been blacklisted because it detected that I had tried to install it on another computer???? I know Microsoft tag different parts of my comp when I activate it but I still had the same board etc..........? After half a dozen emails back and forth to Microsoft technical support????They said they couldn't help me as the COA had been blacklisted................I was fuming at the time and just about fed up to my teeth with Microsoft's crap interpretation of whats new and whats not.............suffice to say i now was the owner of a COA which was totally useless and now Gates and his mob want me to buy another key.................this is the part that really sticks in your craw! The moral of this story?Make sure when you install your copy of Windows 7................Its going to be on computer thats going to last a few years without any upgrades?! I mean how many of us have had drives die or ram or M/boards due to surges etc etc etc?????? Surely in his Billions of dollars he's earnt and is still earning,Gates could show a little compassion and allow for upgrades etc etc and not tell me I've got an illegal copy of his program. We try to be honest in all things BUT episodes like the above test it sorely at times. Don't know if I'll buy another key or not yet............still fuming! For the time being I'll use my Illegal copy of Windows 7 with my crap COA(or should I say LEGAL COPY & COA)...........and not download the KB971033 update for Windows 7.................Probably have to buy another key in the end as I would hate to see Gates go hungry ...............Whatever
September 12th, 2011 6:18pm

Craigus6, really - italics? Your long run-on paragraph coupled with the small font here coupled with the fact that you've set it entirely to italics == nearly impossible to want to read it. Cute animation, but I still couldn't want to read that massive block of tiny text. Maybe try using some Returns instead of "............". However, I finally did read it, and I can only say this: I've been through the same thing (restoring Windows to replacement hardware) and when I called Microsoft they were very nice and authorized the activation. Not sure what you did differently. To wedothemoving, who said "Why would you waste your money on anything that you can get for free" and called a person who is trying to abide by the law a "loser" - please be sure and follow-up on this thread from jail, after you let some big guys have you to get internet privileges. Thanks. -Noel
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September 12th, 2011 7:19pm

Creaigus6, I have to agree with Noel about the type. Please change the fond and make it easier tot read so that you gert more readers and more answers. It's possible that the COA you purchased was part of a VLA, that got blacklisted because it was being used outside its intended purpose. I have never heard of a retail COA being blacklisted. I would suggest you return it to the place of purchase and get a refund. If they are not willing to do so, take action by posting feedback on e-bay, amazon or whereever you bought it. As far as the original post, please be aware that programs that generate keys or provide "cracks" usually contain malicious code of some sort. So if you don't mind your computer being a zombie... As a matter of fact, the only way to make sure the install is safe is by using an original Microsoft hologram CD ROM to install the OS. Personally, I get every computer that's factory imaged and reinstall the OS from a Microsoft CD ROM.Miguel Fra / Falcon IT Services Computer & Network Support, Miami, FL Visit our Knowledgebase and Support Sharepoint Site
September 12th, 2011 8:10pm

Hi There and thanks for the answers! This is not the 1st time the above has happened to my family here in australia? my son Steve who works for an IT Co. in Brisbane.Oz had an issue with Microsoft a few years ago whilst still at senior high school. He purchased a shop built comp(pentium 4 I think it was) with Windows Home pre-installed. After a couple of years he decided to rebuild his comp and was going to use the license that came with his original comp as he used the same case etc! But Microsoft would not activate Windows for him even after speaking on the phone with him! Had to buy another licensed copy of Windows. I've got m8's in the It industry who have had issues with Microsoft here in OZ who have bought Windows Vista as well as Windows XP PRO and have had trouble getting the software activated even though its still in its retail shrink wrap,eventually after alot of phone calls etc they have eventually got it activated BUT this sort of thing should not happen especially with retail software. I do not agree that Microsoft should be charging the public everytime a new operating system comes out? What would be a better deal for consumers is a charge to upgrade from your present OS to the latest OS!Instead we are paying through the nose for a(in alot of cases) a supposedly new OS. Take the likes of VISTA for instance? Should not have been released to the public at the time for another 2 years(It was CRAP) By the time Vista had been around for say 18 months it was time for Windows 7 to make its mark and I must say it is all of what Vista wasn't and I think most people would agree! But doesn't change the fact that honest consumers shelled out large amounts of cash for a very sub-standard OS in Vista. My son Steve bought a new laptop with Vista pre-installed and had to re-image the ruddy thing a week later because it became corrupted? Couldn't do a thing with it?It was slow,I mean Windows XP on my lappy flashed past it on boot time.................It was like trying to drive a skoda in a formula 1 grand prix say against a McKlaren lol. About the font I used in my last outing?It looked larger than what eventually was displayed,so sorry for that guys! Bulldog was a nice touch though? I really think Microsoft have to get alot fairer with consumers as we are there bread and butter after all............only time will tell?
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September 13th, 2011 12:29pm

I'm sorry to hear that your family has had that kind of trouble with activation. I guess I've been lucky. Can't say I agree with you entirely about Vista, though. I ran Vista x64 for years on my company's workstations with really great stability and uptime, and I am still running it on one of them that's now performing the role of server. I just rebooted that server today after installing Windows Updates required it, and I noticed it had been up and running trouble-free for 1090 hours (roughly a month and a half since the last Windows Update reboot). I will agree that Vista was rather less efficient than Windows 7, though I ran it on high-end hardware so that helped. -Noel
September 13th, 2011 1:15pm

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