Force login for remote desktop user
Is it possible to force a logout or a lock out of the current user of the console when I establish a remote desktop connection to my computer? For example my kids are playing games, but I need a document and they always refuse my remote desktop connection. Is it possiblefor me to get a higher priority so they don't get questioned? Or is the only way to go using VPN? Thanks Mike
October 18th, 2006 5:43pm

I know that this is a very late response but after hours of search myself I came to this conclusion. Remote desktop in Vista responds the same as XP. Link Now what this means is for Vista it will always respond like you have fast user switching on. You can hide the entry points for fast user switching but it doesn't really turn the feature off. So, even if you disable fast user switching via gpedit or the registry Vista will still respond to remote desktop like it is on. Sadly we are at microsoft's mercy on on this issue. I hope they make a hot fix or something for this in the future. Here is the gpedit way to disable fast user switching. Administrative Templates -> System -> Logon -> Hide entry points for Fast User Switching = Enabled
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June 3rd, 2007 1:50am

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