Event ID 1 VDS Basic Provider
Unexpected failure. Error code: 490@01010004 this occurs in both win 7/vista 32/x64 whenever you click on diskmanagement in computer management. you think the brilliant over paid coders at microsoft would have fixed this by now but nah. the error itself seems to be harmless but would you to think they would check the event logs after testing the OS for a week or 2 to see if any errors get spit out? guess not.
October 12th, 2009 1:39am

Yep, your right, thanks.
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November 2nd, 2009 7:33pm

Hello, Today I noticed the same error (vds basic provider error code: 490@01010004) on one of our hyper-V guest server (Windows Server 2008 R2). The server has been logging this error 10 or more times a day since 1st of June 2010! I searched the Internet and found this KB:http://support.microsoft.com/kb/979391. So acording to Microsoft"this event can be safely ignored"! Whenever I open the Event Log all I see is this error logged thousand times. That's why I don't find ignoring the error a very wise resolution. At least according to Microsoft it do not indicate any problem. Daniella Slavcheva
August 10th, 2010 9:47am

Totally agree with you Daniella. If it is so benign you'd think Microsoft would release a hotfix to prevent it from being logged, after all Error alerts are supposed to be there to give us a heads up that there is a problem that needs sorting! Let's hope SP1 gives us some respite.Darren
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December 1st, 2010 2:14am

The virtual Disk Service is looking for the location path property of the disk controller. Physical hardware disk controllers have this property, and so won't generate this error, but a virtual software disk controller (such as those used in Hyper-V guest environments) does not have this property for the Virtual Disk Service to find. That is what generates this error. I agree with Microsoft on this one. This event can be safely ignored.
February 24th, 2011 9:01pm

Jason, then that virtual disk subsystem needs a little redesign / revision, doesn't. The single most important piece of IT equipment is the server harddrives. Having this error happen on a mission critical server numerous times per day is not acceptable because every last instance has to be investigated - that costs money. Funny thing is, our free Linux servers have had built in loopback devices and other ways to mount ISOs that do not emit superfluous errors.
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June 18th, 2011 7:50pm

I'm with jts69, and other posters, on this one. Event ID's have to be examined, and having superfluous events logged which are known to be 'harmless' represents lazy and careless development, not to mention utter hypocrisy in regards to MS own published Best Practices. FAIL.
December 16th, 2011 5:21pm

Virtual disk vds.exe ---> Change from manual to automatic It's not work. Need a hotfix.
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November 15th, 2012 8:46pm

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