D3D9Window stops responding when restarting or shutting down computer
This started this 3 days ago. When i restart or shut down the computer, a system window pops up saying 3D9Dwindow is not respondingand windows cannot shutdown. if you choose to end this program now it will loose all unsaved data, and may cause windows to becomeunstable next time you run windows. or you can wait to see if this program will start responding.. The first time i seen this i let it sit to seeif it would start responding, but it didn't after 30 minutes i clicked end program now. when i did it opened another system window sayingfor me to tell microsoft about this program error, so i did then windows shut down after it sent the info. After that first time my computerhas started hanging up or running real slow. and when i try to browse the internet i can't type anything in the address bar. i mean i canbut one letter at a time, and a 30 to 1 minute pause between each letter. Its very aggravating. I get this not responding every time ishut down, or restart my computer. So what is this D3D9 window? and how to i stop it from causing so much trouble with my computer? Thanks1 person got this answerI do too
February 13th, 2011 4:11am

Well my computer crashed all together the Windows Xp operating system became corrupted and unstable, and would not longer operate. so i used a DoD hard disk driver scrubberand cleaned the hard drive, then reinstalled Windows XP. i have no idea why it did this, i would like to know so i can try to avoid this from happening again. but everything isworking like it should now Thanks For your reply
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February 23rd, 2011 7:27am

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