Cannot see IIS through an Ad hoc connection on a PDA
I have a laptop running VB.NET web services in IIS. If the laptop is connected to the network then these services are exposed on the IP address of the machine no problem. IfI connect my PDA (pocket pc) to the wireless network then I can access the web services in a browser and through my application without problem also. What I am trying to do though is create a demostrable package where I take the laptop and PDA to places where wireless networks do not exist. I can create an Ad Hoc network between the laptop and PDA but the bit I am struggling with is getting the PDA to see the web service running on the laptop through that Ad Hoc connection... The ip address assigned on the laptop is (is this a standard?) but the PDA will not ping that IP nor access the web service on that address.. Anyone any ideas of what I'm missing? thanks Pat
March 12th, 2008 3:13pm

I can answer my own question .. seems if i set static ips in the same range (ie and then the devices talk to each other and the web services are exposed correctly..
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March 12th, 2008 3:52pm

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