windows 2003 internet configuration
I recently installed windows 2003 server.after the installation, I configure the server for active directory, DNS server and DHCP server using a wizard.It is connected thru a switch and another computer.So basically I have have a server and a client on my network.The active directory works fine as I tested it.My question is how will I able to connect the server through the internet.?The current network setup of the company is that it has a simple LAN and all computers are using dynamic configuration for the IP.There is only on router/wireless router in the network that acts as DHCP, and DNS server. these are some of my thought regarding the scenario... 1.Im planning to buy another LAN Card, so basically I'll have1 Lan card connected to the internet and another one for my local area network.then all computers will be configure to use proxy server, which is the server.but what will happend to the wireless connection? there a way for me to use the current LAN network? as I see it, the sever has used diferent DHCP scope with the current DHCP scope of the router.should I make the server used static IP within the scope of the router? Please give me your thought on this one...thanks
March 27th, 2008 7:44am

Please post your question in the Windows 2003 newsgroup: This forum is for Windows Server 2008.
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March 27th, 2008 11:13am

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