server 2003 64 bit OS
I am running Server 2003 64 bit / accessing the internet is very slow compared to the same on a 32 bit workstation. 2 servers in the network / 32 bit for the exchange server and 64 bit for the data server. Can any one help me with this configuration. THe setting for users and Terminal services is pointing to the 32 bit server.
March 16th, 2008 1:13am

Hello, Based on my research, there are many reasons that might cause the network performance issue. In order to get a better understanding of your current environment, Id like to ask you several questions before going further. 1. Are the two Windows Server 2003 machines located in the same network? 2. Is there any routing/NAT devices in front of the Windows Servers? 3. How did you verify the network performance? (For example via download speed, web access speed and so on.) 4. Have you installed any third party anti-virus software on the Windows Server 2003 machines? The following are some steps you could have a try first: 1. Check whether you have installed correct and the latest driver of the network adapt on the 64-bit OS Window Server 2003. 2. Perform a clean boot and check whether the situation will improve. To perform a clean boot, please do as follows: On a problematic server perform a clean boot and check if the issue still exists 2.1. Click Start->Run...->type msconfig and press Enter 2.2. Click Services tab and select Hide All Microsoft Services and Disable All third party Services. 2.3. Click Startup tab and Disable All startup items 2.4. Click OK and choose Restart 2.5. After reboot, check whether the problem still occurs Please help answer the above questions and let me know the test result. Thanks. Regards, Neo Zhu -MSFT
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March 26th, 2008 2:47pm

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