i can't log in, in windows web server 2008
Hi, i install windows web server 2008, and the installation was okay, the problem that i have is i can not log in.is asking for a password. and i don't know what to put.,i press control-alt-delete, to see if i have other option an nothin happen.and in the screen said, type a new password. i type a new password, and it said that my password, is not corret, on the screem appears.Administratornew pass:repeat new pass:Then it said, i need to change the password for the first time in that way i can log in.but when i put it. said that is not good, for the domain, or it has to have 8 silabele or something like.
March 16th, 2008 8:51pm

I found the answer after 4 hours.A default Windows Server 2008 installation has the Password must meet complexity requirements option enabled in the local policy. This will force the user to come up with a complex password. The new password must meet the following minimum requirements:The password is at least six characters long.The password contains characters from three of the following four categories: English uppercase characters (from A through Z) English lowercase characters (from a through z) Base 10 digits (from 0 through 9) Non-alphanumeric characters (for example: !, $, #, or %)The password does not contain three or more characters from the users account name. If the account name is less than three characters long, this check is not performed because the rate at which passwords would be rejected would be too high. After you type the password and confirm it, you will receive a page confirming that the password has been changed, click on OK.More info;http://www.elmajdal.net/Win2k8/How_To_Log_On_To_Windows_Server_2008.aspx
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March 16th, 2008 9:06pm

Hi Everts. I was going to refer my article to you but found out that you have already done that Thanks for the follow up. By the way i have just published it _____________________________Tarek Majdalani Computer Engineer, CIW, MCSA: Security 2000/2003, TS: Windows Vista MVP -- ISA Firewalls Website : http://www.elmajdal.net/Win2k8
March 16th, 2008 9:48pm

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