driver_unloaded_without_cancelling _pending_operations on Server 2008 setup
Dual Intel Xeon 5335 Quad Core 2.0Ghz on an Intel S5000PSL with newest BIOSwith 4GB, 2x 160GB in RAID 1 and 2x 320GB in RAID 1 (using 160's as bootdisk) and a DVD-R/RW drive. Iam trying to install the 64 bit version. Itwill find drive, work OK, reboot, then on "Completing Installation" I getdriver_unloaded_without_cancelling_pending_operati onserrdev.sysAny ideas?
March 4th, 2008 3:49pm

I have three ideas for you: 1. The disk controller that you are using has drivers in Windows that are good enough to load, but not good enough to operate (I have seen this kind of thing often). Make sure that you have the latest 64 bit drivers and that you are loading them as early as possible. 2. You could try new installation media - I have rarely seen this actually fix anything, but the troubleshooting steps are pretty easy and it is non-invasive so it is a decent place to start. 3. Hardware problems - for something like this, I would guess a controller, a chipset or perhaps memory. The troubleshooting for this can taka while Is this a new metal box or was it running an OS before you started this up?
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March 4th, 2008 5:02pm

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