Why all exe files has converted in notepad file extension- Windows 2003
Hi, I am using windows 2003 server. One day i saw that all of my .exe files has been converted in notepad file extension. How can i recover this situation? Can anyone plz help me?
February 26th, 2008 7:38am

Is there any hope!!. Plz help me
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February 26th, 2008 11:36am

Hi, Based on this situation, I suppose the system would be infected by virus. I suggest using the anti-virus software of latest version to lunch a 'full scan' on the disk to test the result. If this symptom still persists, please post back. Best wishes --------------Morgan Che Microsoft Online Community Support
February 27th, 2008 2:21pm

Hi Morgan, Thank u very much for ur reply. I'll follow that instruction and let u know the status.
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March 2nd, 2008 6:08am

Greetings Morgan, I have a "similar" situation on a multi-user Windows XP machine that logs in to a domain. Under a single user, NO PROGRAM WILL OPEN. They all launch the utility that asks which program to use to open ANY/ALL .exe files. I've performed a full virus scan and did find some virii/malware and removed them, rebooted the system and the problem still persists. I've also run a Microsoft Security Essentials scan which comes up and says no issues found. I can log in under a different (administrative) user, and everything works fine. Is there a "sweeping" built-in utility I can run that restores the default file extension associations without reinstalling Windows, since the issue doesn't occur under other usernames? Thanks in advance.
March 29th, 2011 5:38pm

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