Tuning TCPSendReceive Window Size
The Next Generation TCP/IP stack supports Receive Window Auto-Tuning, which provides performance improvements by determining the optimal receive-window size per connection. This creates better throughput for the communication, which in turn increases utilization of network bandwidth during data transfer. I had cut paste the above lines from one of the Microsoft Articles. Does theabove lines mean that we need not tune the "TCPSendReceive" Windows size manually if I want to optimize my throughput in a WAN kind of Scenario? and Windows 2008 will automatically take care of the same.
March 7th, 2008 11:24am

You are correct we now dynamically adjust this and take into account network connection characteristics so that you no longer have to manually tune it via the registry. If you want more information on this and how it affects network performance there is a session on Windows Server 2008 performance in the virtual launch event: http://www.microsoft.com/virtualevents/vle.aspxthat goes into more detail and gives some real world performance numbers. Thanks, -Steve
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March 14th, 2008 8:51am

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