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Hi to all you, I'minstalled Server 2008 and using Hyper-Vmanager for testing.I have setup a virtual machine inside, after I finishinstall all the applications I needed, I realize that I have config the HD space a bit too much of what i need. Now here is my question.Is there a way tocorrectthe size of the HD to what I want without lossing any of the work?? Thank you
March 17th, 2008 10:28pm

Hi, If you want to resize the VHD file and make it smaller, Hyper-V doesn't have the function to resize the VHD file directly. However, here is a workaround which may be helpful to adjust the size of VHD file. Workaround: If the type of the VHD is dynamically expanding, you may compact the VHD to shrink the VHD file by removing blank space that remains when data is deleted from the disk in the Hyper-V management console. Compact dynamically expanding VHD Steps: Open Hyper-v management console -> Action -> Edit Disk -> Locate Disk ->Select the source VHD by "Browse" -> Compact -> Finish Please note: if the size of dynamically expanding VHD is large, it will take some time to compact and convert VHD file. I have tested with compacting a 6GB dynamically expanding VHD, it cost almost 20 minutes to finish compacting it to 5.86GB VHD. Hope it helps.
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March 18th, 2008 2:48pm

When you create a disk under Hyper-V, it is just like you are creating a physical disk. You can't shrink a physical disk, but you can create a smaller partition on the disk. Windows Server 2008 allows you to shrink a partition. Simply go into disk management and right click on the partition that you want smaller. That will give you an option to Shrink Volume. Enter how much you want to shrink it, and it does it very quickly. You then end up with unallocated space in your virtual disk, just like you would in a physical disk. What David has listed is how to try to make the virtual disk take up less space on your physical host disk, and that is useful. But it doesn't change the virtual size of the disk. What I hav edescribed doesn't change the virtual size of the disk, either, just the size of the partition. tgc
March 18th, 2008 3:40pm

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