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Hi All,

Hoping someone can assist me with this issue.

I am crawling File Shares and i have created the content source and done the full crawls.

Now the plan is to create a search vertical which i have done but the problem i am experiancing now is that when i build my query the search result preview shows me that i have 100000 items there, which is correct so that means that the query part is correct.

Now on the new page i created i go to the search results web part and change the query to the query i created and it also shows me that i have the 100000 items there.

However when i type in search box for any item i get no results. If i type in the same name in the "Everything" vertical the item is returned as expected.

On the new page if the query is blank then i can see all the 100000 items but as soon as i start typing and click search the page goes blank.

Anybody have ideas around this ?


Edit -  Too add to this i see the results is stored in the newpage which is fileshare.aspx but when i type a query then it goes to fileshare.aspx?k and i think this is why .... Any ideas
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October 15th, 2014 2:50pm

i have manged to resolve this problem.

in my query i had the content source in the following format

{searchTerms}ContentSource:"File Share"

and just by adding a space between { ContentSource like below has resolved the problem.

{searchTerms} ContentSource:"File Share"

 Hope this helps someone else!

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October 15th, 2014 4:55pm

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