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Hello All, This may or may not be the correct forum, but I for some reason or another am drawing a complete blank with regards to a network configuration that I have put in place many of times using windows 2003. The reason I am posting here is the issue that I am having is around windows 2008 and some of the new configurations within. To be more specific I have in place two networks one being public, the other perimeter or (dmz) the dmz segment will have in place an exchange edge server and an ssl vpn server. My problem is that I for some reason or another cannot from any machine in the perimeter network access the web. Ive even gone as far as to allow all traffic in both directions between both networks and the only thing that I can do is ping, unc, etc. between hosts. It appears as though, the new windows firewall with advanced security is blocking traffic, not sure perhaps someone here can shed some light. Thank you
March 23rd, 2008 10:47pm

Hi, <<My problem is that I for some reason or another cannot from any machine in the perimeter network access the web.>> Could you please tell me if you can Ping successfully from the PC in perimeter network to public host like If fails, please run Nslookup to verify the DNS resolution is correct: Type the following command in the Command prompt one by one: Nslookup More information on using NSlookup.exe: The output is the IP address of Microsoft web Server? If not, please check the DNS setting on the PC you run 'ping' command and firewall settings if they allow Web access. Additionally, please make sure the web proxy is correctly configured. If the issue still persists, please perform following steps for further troubleshooting: 1. Install Network Monitor on Windows Server 2008(Download the NetMon3.1 from the following link 2. Clear DNS cache and NetBIOS cache on both computer with the following two commands: ipconfig /flushdns nbtstat /R 3. Start Capture network by NetMon when attempting to access Web. 4. Stop the Netmon until Web access fails and press Ctrl+S to save the Netmon files. Please send me this trace logs and your detailed network setting (by running "IPCONFIG /all >C:\ipresult.txt") via Note: a. Please include the following three lines in the email body: Post Title HTTP://URL ### - MSFT b. We will continue to discuss the issue here in the forum and will NOT reply via emails. c. Pease post a quick note in the current thread to inform me after sending the email. Regards, Morgan
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March 24th, 2008 1:12pm

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