Marvell 6145 RAID Usage
This should be simple, but for the life of me I cannot figure it out. I'm using the built-in Marvell 6145 RAID controller on an ASUS P5BV-C motherboard for a RAID10 array. I was able to create the array and use it just fine, but I wanted to test it out, so I shut down the computer then unplugged one of the drives and turned it back on. The RAID status changed to "degraded", but still booted fine. I shut it back off and plugged back in the drive, but the status remains "degraded" and the one I plugged back in says "free". I tried to add it back into the array, but the BIOS configuration utility only has the option to create a new array and delete an existing. It is the same issue if I put a brand new (unused) drive in. I cannot find an option to add drives to existing arrays or repair arrays. Can anyone shed any light on this? Surely this is possible or why in the world would anyone want to use it! Thanks.
June 17th, 2010 6:00am

You're not the only one having these troubles. I just recently built a new machine and this exact same thing happened to me. I had opened the case back up and realized a better wiring order for some things, to include my two RAID1 drives. Later on, after copying my music library over to these drives (actually only one of them) I decide to check out what Marvell had to say and I then see only one drive is in my RAID array and the other is 'free'! I'm about to copy my music back to another drive and then recreate and format this nonsense (ugh) but hopefully one of us or someone can find an answer later on. FYI: I'm using the MarvellR SE9128 controller that comes with this Mobo: Sorry this couldn't be an answer! EDIT: I cracked my case back open and switched my flipped my SATA cables around. I don't recall flipping them when I rewired it last but I thought 'what the ____'. When I booted up, the BIOS showed two VDs (with the same name). So I took a chance and deleted the VD I thought was the one who got lost in the sauce last time then booted into windows. Lucky for me, I deleted the correct one and not the one with my music. I then booted back into the BIOS so I could initiate the rebuild process which is running right now. Just hit 1% after about 5mins, d'oh! Guess next time I'll just have to leave a clutter of wires or risk the chance of having to do this again :\
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June 21st, 2010 10:47am

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