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HI friends, i am using a IBM x3650 on which i have loaded windows 2003 server,when i am trying to login using any account even the administrator account also i am not able to get inside.I am getting a error message "NOT ENOUGH STORAGE AVAILABLE TO PROCESS THE COMMAND". I am able to login using safe mode. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
March 29th, 2008 12:02pm

Hi, Based on my research, the error message "NOT ENOUGH STORAGE AVAILABLE TO PROCESS THE COMMAND" is mainly caused by 'lack of RAM, page files or limited TCP/IP stack'. Safe mode invokes less services, components and applications, so it requires less RAM and page files to boot OS. That is why you can login safe mode without this problem. You can also lunch a clean boot to test the result. In this way, Windows system requires the minimal RAM and just loads some necessary services, programs and components while booting up. About how to perform a clean boot: 1. On a problematic server perform a clean boot and check if the issue still exists 1.1. Click Start->Run...->type msconfig and press Enter 1.2. Click Services tab and select Hide All Microsoft Services and Disable All third party Services. 1.3. Click Startup tab and Disable All startup items 1.4. Click OK and choose Restart 1.5. After reboot, check whether the problem still occurs In addition, in order to figure out 'lack of Ram or paging file' issue, I'd suggest considering the following methods: (1) reduce the number of running programs; (2) increase page file size by 'right-clicking computer to choose properties, and navigate to Advanced->performance setting->advanced->virtual memory changing' (3) check if the disk holding paging file has some error messages in Event viewer (4) install additional memory in your system In order to remove 'limited TCP/IP stack' issue, please refer to the following article: Event ID 1053 is logged when you use the "Gpupdate /force" command, or you restart a Windows Server 2003-based domain controller http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;937535 I hope this helps. Best wishes --------------Morgan Che
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April 1st, 2008 12:14pm

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