How to get Windows Azure promo code for free development

I try to learn concept of windows azure cloud computing but i am fail to find out promo code.

Because i didn't want to enter my credit card details.

Please help me how to get promo code without credit card details.

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July 31st, 2012 2:24pm

I believe that they have switched almost completely away from the promo codes and the 90 day free trial (which does require a credit card) I believe is about as good as you'll likely find.  I can understand not wanting to put in your credit card, but remember that the 90 day free trial has a spending cap by default, and that spending cap is $0.00, which means unless you remove the spending cap you will NOT be charged. 

I've have several subscriptions, almost all of them hooked to my personal credit card.  Only one of those subscriptions doesn't have a spending cap and I've never been charged any amount on those with the spending caps.

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