Fuzzy screen after a fresh install -- NVidia driver problem
Hi all, during and after the installation of Windows Server 2012 with GUI on my laptop (ASUS F3Tc) the screen is fuzzy, windows and objects are displayed with multiple horizontal borders, each one shifted by a small amount to the right or the left of the right position, and the text is unreadable. Here below a screenshot (taken with my phone, sorry for the bad quality) of the login screen: I managed to complete the installation because I run it previously on a virtual machine, on which the image was OK. Also accessing the computer via RDP gives me a screen displayed properly, so I tried to install the drivers for my video card (NVidia GeForge Go 7300). For this video card, NVidia offers x64 drivers for Vista/Windows 7 only; when I try to install them through the setup, everything seem to be OK but the driver is indeed not installed. If I extract the files in the package and then try a manual installation (Device Manager --> Select the display adapter ("Microsoft Basic Display Adapter") --> Update driver software --> Browse my computer --> Search in the path where I previously unpacked the NVidia drivers), Windows recognizes the correct driver for my video card, goes through the installation but ends up with a "File not found" dialog (see below). I've tried with different driver versions, but seems that the only one containing the x64 drivers for my video card is version 179.48. Also downloading the same file from different web sites doesn't give me any improvement. Any idea? Marco P.S. Sorry for my bad English
May 15th, 2013 9:13am

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