Enable RDP client on Hyper-V or 2012 Core


Is it possible to enable RDP client (!) on Hyper-V server?

So to be clear, I want to connect FROM Hyper-V TO other machine, and NOT to enable rdp to connect the Hyper-V (that is already done and working).

I know it could sounds pointless, but in some cases I need it.


October 8th, 2014 3:21am


there is no "install feature" method of doing this and I can imagine it's not supported by Microsoft. But you can add the RDP Client (mstsc) to server core by copying the following files from a server (preferably the same OS) with full GUI installation to the Hyper-V server:

From System32 folder:

  • mstsc.exe
  • d2d1.dll
  • d3d11.dll
  • dxgi.dll
  • mstscax.dll
  • msacm32.dll

From System32\en-US folder:

  • mstsc.exe.mui
  • mstscax.dll.mui

Hope this helps you out.

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October 8th, 2014 5:21am

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