Anyone Else Having Problems with Windows Server RC0 or RC1 ?
We have had nothing, but good results with Windows Server B3, but RC0 & RC1 have been a disaster.A recent upgrade from B3 to RC1 resulted in an inability to sucessfully install SQL Server 2008 and a consistent crash in QuickBooks 2007 Priofessional. Both programs run properly on B3.It has also not been possible to do a clean install of RC1. The installation repeatedly crashes.Hardware is a Dell 2900 Server.We reinstalled a B3 backup and everything again works properly.
January 11th, 2008 9:43pm

Hi, What method are you using to install Windows Server 2008 RC0/1? What errors are you getting during the cleaninstallation? - JMS
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January 23rd, 2008 10:45am

i'm having a problem when i try to work with themes support my system is freezing after 10 to 15 min mine is via based pc
January 27th, 2008 3:41pm

Did you try to do a fresh install to determine if the cause could be due to hardware for example? I have been performing this upgrading / updating / reinstalling (fresh) 'ritual' for quite some time now and am happy to report no such challenges on my IBM T60p machine from early beta to the most recent WS08 RC1 with Hyper-V beta. HTH.
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January 27th, 2008 5:51pm

Hi Robbiex, Thanks for posting here. After performing the research, I suspect that this maybe an known issue in specific scenarios. The issue is caused, because Windows Server 2008 RC0 ships with a newer version of SqlClient, which mismatches with the client/server library versions provided by the current SQL Server 2008.Please refer to the below chart for detailed information. Moreover, our product teams are currently investigating on this issue and it will be updated in the future version of Windows SQL CTP. I appreciate for your understanding. For more information about installaton of Release candidate of Windows Server 2008, please refer to: SQL Server 2008 June CTP SQL Server 2008 July CTP next SQL Server 2008 CTP Visual Studio 2008 RTM(System.Data.SqlClient) No No Yes Visual Studio 2008 Beta2 (System.Data.SqlClient) No Yes No Vista SP1 Beta(System.Data.SqlClient) No No Yes Windows Server 2008 RC0(System.Data.SqlClient) No No Yes Visual Studio 2005 SP1(System.Data.SqlClient) Yes Yes Yes Visual Studio 2005(System.Data.SqlClient) Yes Yes Yes Best wishes --------------Morgan Che Microsoft Online Community Support
January 29th, 2008 12:42pm

For some reason every time I insert a disk, removable drive or virtual file system the system crashes, how come?
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January 29th, 2008 2:07pm

Hi Morgan,Thank you very much for the reply. Your information explains why we haven't been able to use SQL Server 2008 with Windows Server 2008 RC0. We also couldn't use Quickbooks Professional or NaturallySpeaking. These three programs work perfectly with what the "System" display identifies as Windows Server Enterprise, build 6001 SP1, V 126. ( I think that this is also called Beta 3).Additionally, we were unsuccessful in doing a clean install of RC0 on a Dell PowerEdge 2900. B3 works properly on this hardware platform. The install crashes near the end with one on those cryptic "cannot continue" mesages.As noted before, we gave up on RC0 at that point. It was a big disappointment because B3 has been a spectacularly great OS. It has been running 24/7 for months without a single crash and all of our application programs work properly on the platform.One other piece of bad news has been Microsoft's announcement that the release of SQL Server 2008 has now been delayed to Q3 2008.
January 30th, 2008 4:21am

Dear Robbie, Thanks for posting back. Based on your description, I would like to suggest you would try a Windows Server 2008 RTM version when available. Please ensure Dell PowerEdge 2900 meet the compatibility of Windows Server 2008 We can check the hardware compatibility and see if the target hardware appear to be on the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL): But until now this website does not list the Windows Sever 2008 information. Please keep monitoring this website. I hope the hardware compatibility information of Windows Sever 2008 will be updated soon. Thanks. Best wishes --------------Morgan Che Microsoft Online Community Support
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January 31st, 2008 2:48pm

Hi Morgan,Thank you again for your helpful information.We will be testing the next version of Windows Server 2008 when it becomes available.Robbie
January 31st, 2008 3:42pm

I had no problems doing a clean install of either x64 WS08 EE RC0 or RC1 on a Dell PowerEdge 2900 (I had no problems installing earlier versions of WS08 on this hardware either).Thanks for you other posts about video cards used with WS08 on the PE2900.
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February 4th, 2008 6:58am

hi all, seems i have a problem with Microsoft server 2008 standard (trial) i installed without problems but it seems to freeze now and then my system configuration: amd athlon 64x2 768 mb ddr2 memory M2V-MX SE mainboard with a via chipset geforce 7300 LE with 128mb mem on board and 128 shared from main mem i cannot turn of the mem sharing to my vga card anyone able to help me of this freezing problem i posted this message earlier as a new thread, in the time passed i tried RC1 of WS2008 and it seems to run perfect now. though i just installed it short while ago i'll return on this subject later i remember a similar problem with WS2003 in the past when i then got R2 the problem vanished anybody around here wanna try explain me how this is possible
March 11th, 2008 2:01am

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