I am very frustratedwith the active sync program. I have a new HPIPAQ and I can't get it to successfully sync. It has added one of my programs (epocrates rx) but will not synchronize my email or calendar or contacts. I get error code 85010014 most of the time and have reinstalled MS outlook, reinstalled active sync, hardreset PDA, gone through all of my norton firewall settings to ensure all the programs are "allowed". Then I got error code 85010017 which now switched back to 85010014. I am clueless as to what else I can do - this is the most confusing frustrating program I have ever used. Please help before I screw up my brand new laptop or pocket pc even more.
January 11th, 2007 5:07am

heeey, read this aricle http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/help/activesync/default.mspx
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January 12th, 2007 11:59pm

all bullshit. the reality is that activesync is a faulty program. It work only on some configurations. this happens from activesync2.x microsoft only support some configuration only with exange server, if you have no exange ... no way to use it. I change my mobile from windows ce to nokia and sync with outlook happens at the 1st time i go back to windows and ... type the address book so for every windows ce users, if you have no exange .... forget to use it and simply type all you address and take a paper copy .. no activesync can save you
February 18th, 2007 12:18pm

Same for me. nothing helps from the article. The only suggestion MS offers - upgrade to 4.5, but ithiddenly says: upgrade to Office XP (Outlook 2003) which is required for 4.5. So what is next: in couple months, they will release 4.6 which will require Vista only??? Is it a way to make us buying more MS? I'm workingfor big company and its current policy is to use Office 2000 (and so Outlook 2k). So anyway, I have no option to upgrade to outlook 2003. But even for home PC - I don't see any reason to spend $250+ just to have working ActiveSync. It should be enough that I paid for Windows XP, Office and WM. They announced ActiveSync 4.2 works with Outlook 2000 - it must work. If the only acceptable recommendation is to upgrade to ActiveSync 4.5 then upgrade to Outlook 2003 should be provided for free.
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February 19th, 2007 11:02pm

I already have office 2003 and activesync 4.5. The problem is still there, do not trust this suggestions from MS i try to download the intellisync software trial, and it works well. in 15 minutes everything is working !! with no rebuld or change or other funcy options, but intellisync is not free of charge ..... sp i believe to sync everyone has to spend money ..
February 20th, 2007 4:21am

Good to hear. I have same problem with i-mate JASJAM, XP Pro SP2, OFFICE 2003 and A/Sync 4.5 Sync works first time and if you don't disconnect the mobile device - continues to work. As soon as you disconnect - then things go pear shape and the 85010014 reappears. Needs partnership delete, reboot and start over to get it going. The ONLY other variable is that I use the Domino Connector for Outlook as we use LotusDomino for mail(eech!). Thing is, the sync DOES work the first time as I said and continues to work fine until you need to disconnect. Anyway, I assume you uninstalled Activesync before trying the Intellisync program ? I also had great results with that app on my previous Palm 4.0 device across to Lotus. No it's not cheap but better than pratting around like this - especially when the JASJAM is over a $1K here ! Cheers Mal OZ
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February 23rd, 2007 1:28pm

Hi to all writers down here.I have the same problems with mit new unit. It was helpfull to read, that nothing helps. So I can do nothing instead of configuring and installing the whole day. What still works, is the frustrated feeling....
March 18th, 2007 10:00pm

Okey dokey - I think I've some useful info here. (For people running Exchange Server) I've been messing about with I-Mate Jasjams for the past three weeks so I'm beginning to know them inside out. What seems to be happening here is some people are getting a little bit confused as to what is actually syncing with what. The 85010014 error relates to the mobile device not being able to establish a connection to the server. In order to get the basic inbox, calendar, contacts and tasks sync'ing to your Exchange Server then keep it simple and don't set up a PC association yet. This is where some people are getting confused.In Activesync, set up the association to your Exchange Server and save your password on the user credentials page. Ensure that the domain is entered in the domain field below. For the sake of testing this method I used a machine NOT RUNNING OUTLOOKwhich justconfuses the issue somewhat at this stage. Once this has been done, certain IIS features need to be configured correctly to enable correct communication with the server. In IIS Manager expand "Default Web Site" and scroll down to "Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync" andright-click to select Properties. Under Directory Security ensure that "Enable Anonymous Access" is not ticked. There should also be no ticks in "Integrated Windows Authentication" either. Only "Basic Authentication" should be enabled. Still under "Default Web Site" go to "exchange-oma". In this section, there should be no tick for "Enable Anonymous Access" but "Integrated Windows Authentication" should be ticked. "Basic Authentication" should also be ticked. Once these have been set - unplug and reconnect your Mobile Device. It should then sync. If you still get a 85010014 error thenmake sureyour IIS Settings are as follows: Default Web siteEnable Anonymous accessIntegrated Windows Authentication Exadmin Integrated Windows Authentication Exchange Basic AuthenticationIntegrated Windows Authentication Exchange-omaIntegrated Windows AuthenticationBasic Authentication ExchWebEnable Anonymous accessMicrosoft-Server-ActiveSyncBasic Authentication OMABasic Authentication PublicBasic Authentication Correct usage of these setting will 100% definitely get you working......GOOD LUCK! Regards, Rafael
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March 27th, 2007 4:54am

Rafael's settings seemed to work.Thanks. I can send and recieve email (I didn't test anything else). There is one item that was different for us, though. We do not have Exchange-oma in the list of sites. But it doesn't seem to matter. Glenn
April 3rd, 2007 11:58pm

My PDA connection to Calendar used to work with MS ActiveSync 4.2 with no error at all. After 2 months when I tried again, I was getting some profile error, but it could still sync to calendar. I was trying to install some programs from computer to PDA, and then the PDA stopped receiving data after first install. I deleted the connection and tried to re-establish; first it complained about my firewall. Fine. I turned it off, and then it gives me this error. I just followed the advice to update ActiveSync to 4.5. Now it can sync, but my PDA no longer shows the next appointment coming up on display. It still doesnt install the program. I think I'll try on a different computer later. Quite painful...
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April 10th, 2007 11:20pm

Hi info in the article at this link was helpful http://support.microsoft.com/kb/912241I have Imate JAMin and had this error mesage come up, simply followed the detect and repair procedure in Outlook and all is now sweet.
April 20th, 2007 9:05am

That last post worked for me - I went to help in Outlook 2007 and ran diagnostics - it fixed a problem (unspecified) and now it works!
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May 21st, 2007 2:08am

Thanks!!! Yes it worked.. Office 2007, Active sync 4.5, treo 700wx.. Just click start - > Microsoft Office -> Microsoft Office Tools - > Microsoft Office Diagnostics
November 28th, 2007 10:52pm

I don't want to say that you have not already done this... but I had a HUGE problem exactly the same as you... and even my IT/IS dpeartment was unable to fix. As I was monkeying around with it - I noticed that the application was asking for the excahnge server password... I tthen noticed I could change it from Exchange Server to "Computer". I did this and it corrected my problem immediately! I also connect via excahnge server, but it has been down and this is what caused me to use Active Sync again...
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February 20th, 2008 9:22pm

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