02002 X12 EDI schemas

Our client is using 2002 X12 schemas.. This is not provided with R2(beta).. Is it available with the released version.. or is it possible to deive from any of the existing schemas..?? is there any tools available to generate this schema..


September 17th, 2007 3:33pm

If this schema is not provided in the beta build, it wont be there in the released version as well. There are no tools to generate a schema from ground up. You will have to take an existing schema from the set of schemas shipped with R2 that matches your schema closely and modify that schema to fit your needs.



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September 17th, 2007 8:03pm

Hi There,

Where can i find a detailed list of all the supported X12 documents in R2? I only see lists outlining the quantity of documents supported. For example, X12 4010 - 856, etc.

These lists are available for 2004 EDI adapter, but R2 supposedly has much much more.



February 25th, 2008 6:43pm


I am working on X12 856 schema in BizTalk R2. I had to modify the schema to have multiple HLLoops.

I have edited the schema using notepad and add another three HLLoops.But the generated output can not be validatedagainst the modified schema. It gives following errors. This is a subset of the errors I received. I got errors for all newly included HLLoops.

Appriciate If somebody can help me.



Error: 2 (Segment level error)
SegmentID: HL
Position in TS: 7
2: Unexpected segment

Error: 3 (Segment level error)
SegmentID: PRF
Position in TS: 8
2: Unexpected segment

Error: 4 (Segment level error)
SegmentID: TD1
Position in TS: 9
2: Unexpected segment

Error: 5 (Segment level error)
SegmentID: TD5
Position in TS: 10
2: Unexpected segment

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March 11th, 2008 1:45pm

Is this inbound (EDI to XML) or outbound (XML to EDI) ? Also whatare the structure and looping options for the various HL loops ?

March 12th, 2008 4:28pm

The  'Unexpected segment'  for HL through TD5,  is from  the newly added segments and it appears are incorrectly placed,  and...  not needed.

Actually,   there should be no need to add  HL segments.  The existing HL definition will have various  sub-segments specified  in the implementation.  Some will be used, others will not within a loop level.   That is,  according to the level  'code'  ( element HL-03)  of the loop being processed.  

And each of the sub-segments under HL  can have several child segments and sub-segments.  The document is very flexible.

Curious,  which 856 version ( ie 3060, 4010, 5010 ) are you working with ?  

( btw,  the 856 is the nastiest document to either develop a map, or understand conceptually.   Mostly because of the multiple levels possible for an HL,   I have seen  HL's segments nested as much as 5 levels deep using codes in this sequence:  S, O, T, P, and  I ,  set  for HL-03 values ) .  

This is all resolve-able within the standard version  you are using without adding additional  HL segments to the standard.  This is an implementation stipulation.   Even in the same industry,  the implementations by trading partner can vary. ( sigh... ) .   I would recommend using the standard  'as is'  .


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July 1st, 2013 7:37pm

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