unable to add a particular user as a delegate
i have a user on ex 2k3 sp2, using outlook 2k3 (don't know which sp, sorry) who is unable to add a particular user as a delegate on her mailbox. she is able to succesfully add other users. when she clicks on delegation, she is able to apparently set this user ok, but when she reopens delegates the user has no permissions applied. the user she wishes to delegate has no distribution lists given permission to it, and she is in a native ex2k3 environment. as other users can be givendelegate statussuccesfully, i am guessing the articles 913696 and 813929 are not relevant here.any ideas?
February 9th, 2009 7:17pm

further to this, the publicdelegates value in AD is populated with the user account she is trying to add as a delegate, but the permissions remain as "none" in outlook. this seems to me then to be a problem with MAPI permissions, rather than AD.the SELF account hasthe "write personal information" right.it appears that no users are able t oadd this account as a delegate. ther eis no error message in the event log that i can see.
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February 10th, 2009 12:45pm

Issue description: After owner (A) set a specific delegate (B) in the Tool menu>Options>Delegates, B will disappear when she reopen the Delegates dialog. Please correct me if I have misunderstood the issue Check info: 1. You have checked the error event in the application log on the server and problematic client, right? 2. You can reproduce the issue on another users outlook for B, right? 3. What do you mean about publicdelegates value in AD is populated with the user account? Does A have the permissions to perform the actions for B, although the B has disappeared? For example, you have set permissions to allow B to see As calendar, can B view the calendar? 4. Have you tried to enable transport logging on As outlook and reproduce the issue, check if theres any error info in the logging Troubleshooting: 1. If B cant perform actions on A, please try to set the permissions to B on As mailbox directly with PFDavAdmin a. Launch tool on client [Install NET Framework 1.1 at first] b. File menu->connect->set the parameters->OK (Please refer to this article) c. Expand Mailboxes->As mailbox->Top of Information Store, right-click the folder, select Folder Permissions, give B the Folder Visible permission d. Then, right-click other folder which you want to grant permissions for B, select Folder Permissions again, and set the permissions for B 2. Please perform move mailbox action on B, which can tell if theres anything wrong with Bs mailbox
February 10th, 2009 1:23pm

cheers for the reply. - user b doesn't disappear from the list of delegates, but the permissions are set to "none". no other users are able to set user b as a delegate. there are no apparently relevant errors in the event logs on the server - haven't checked the client. it works this way:user a sets user b as a delegate, with editor permissions. user b appears in the "publicdelegates" property field in AD, checked in ADSIEdit. user b is unable to exercise delegate rights. when "delegates" is opened in outlook for user a's account, user b appears as a delegate, but with permissions set to "none" instead of "editor". there are two users in the estate who cannot be set as delegates for any other user. other users can be set as delegates for user a.i will try enabling transport logging and using pfdavadmin, and get back to you.thanks again.
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February 10th, 2009 1:42pm

February 11th, 2009 4:06am

right - transport logging doesn't tell us anything, i don't think: 2009.02.10 10:59:29 <<<< Logging Started (level is LTF_TRACE) >>>>2009.02.10 10:59:29 Resource manager terminated2009.02.10 11:02:16 <<<< Logging Started (level is LTF_TRACE) >>>>2009.02.10 11:02:16 Resource manager terminatedwhen we tried using pfdavadmin, we got mixed results. with one user, setting the permissions in the tool first allowed the delegate permissionsto be added succesfully, with the other user it was no go - although the permissions could be set in pfdavadmin, and the delegate added, the delegate permissions were reset to "none".i am waiting to hear the results of recreating the mailbox.
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February 11th, 2009 12:50pm

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