non-leaf KPI score is 100% when children KPIs has no value

we are having a problem with non-leaf KPI score when children KPIs actual/target returned as null from SSAS cube the non-leaf KPI score is 100% and its indicator is green.

the reason behind that is that PPS rolls up null values as 0s so, in the non-leaf KPI it considers actual 0 and target 0, so comparing both it detects the score as actual meets target and score is 100% and indicator is green

following is an example describing the KPI hierarchy causes the problem:

-(non-Leaf) ObjKPI

-(leaf) KPI

the leaf KPI has Actual and targets are MDX expressions from SSAS Data source, which having no value and return null

the ObjKPI is non-leaf KPI with Rollup type is set to sum of children, and "use calculated values from children" checkbox is checked.

I want PPS to rollup null values as null not zero, I want a solution to handle this problem

February 25th, 2013 3:00pm

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