exchange 2007 OWA connection issue. Getting A problem occurred while trying to use your mailbox in IE connecting via OWA
Hi, I hope someone can help me on this. Every now and then users get A problem occurred while trying to use your mailbox when when trying to access their mailboxx via owa after typing in their login credentials. Here's how the environment is setup.Server 1-Server 2003 Enterprise, domain controller, AD, DNSServer 2-Server 2003 Standard 64bit, Exchange 2007 StandardIt is ssl port 443, whenits working it's fine but when that error occurs, I can only reboot the server and it would work fine.Please help.Thank you
June 23rd, 2009 6:48am

HI,This problem occurs when the "msExchVersion " attribute not set correctly on user object in Active Directory. Exchange 2007 "msExchVersion " attribute determine version of exchange that user object are associate with. If the version value is less than 0.1 Exchange 2007 decides that attribute is read only.Please run below command in Exchange management shell. Set-MailboxUserNAME-ApplyMandatoryPropertiesView exchange version================ Get-Mailbox UserName | format-list ExchangeVersionRegards Chinthaka
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June 23rd, 2009 8:07am

Hi CchunglimAgree with Chinthaka.This issre occurs when the msExchVersion attribute is not set corrently on the user object in the Active Directory. Exchange 2007 uses the msExchVersion attribute to determine the version of Exchange that user objects are associated with.The msExchVersion attribute may not set correctly if you created the user's mailbox by using the Active Directory Users and Computers instead of by using the Exchange 2007 Management Console, as was the case in this situation.To resolve this issue, type the folowing command at the Exchange Management Shell prompt:Set-Mailbox User_Name -ApplyMandatoryProperties To verigy the msExchVersion attribute, type the following command at the Exchange Management Shell prompt:Get-Mailbox User_Name | format-list ExchangeVersionSoI suggest that you'd better add a user who have mail box on the Exc2007 server by EMC, it will be ok.Waiting for your update.
June 25th, 2009 4:46am

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