Users connecting to legacy Exchange server for public folders?
We are almost done with our Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010 migration. I am in the process of uninstalling Exchange 2007 from the organization and am currently looking at our last mailbox server that did host our Public Folder infrastructure. I checked to see if any clients are still logging into this server (Exchange 2007) and I find about 10% of the users logging in to it. I have gone through all of the mailbox databases (Exchange 2010) and have set the 'default' public folder server to the 2010 server that hosts a replica of the public folders. So now, I'm just wondering what is causing these users to connect to the Exchange 2007 server? Any thoughts? Jason Meyer
February 1st, 2013 5:31pm

Hi JMeyer2009 If these 10% are normal mailbox user accounts - it means there are still some unreplicated data remains in those PFolders. You can force moving all PF data to your Exch 2010 and then remove PFDatabase. 1. Navigate with EMShell to: cd $env:exchangeinstallpath\scripts 2. Collect if and what is still replicating with this PF DB: Get-PublicFolder \ -Recurse | ft name,parentpath,replicas If you find your Ex2007 in the list - that's your goal. 3. Move everything to your Ex2010 MoveAllReplicas.ps1 -Server ex2007name -NewServer ex2010name After somewhile command #2. must show no Ex2007 among the replicated servers Youll also need to make sure that the server is not the OAB generation server for any Offline Address Books that are also being published to public folders. 4. If necessary move the OAB generation to another mailbox server: Move-OfflineAddressBook "Default Offline Address List" -Server ex2010name Once all of these conditions have been met you should be able to remove the public folder database. * If you still cant remove it and youre sure the public folder database contains no more replicas you can use ADSIEdit to remove the public folder database from the organization. 5. Launch adsiedit.msc, connect to "Configuration" context, Navigate to "CN=Configuration / CN=Services / CN=Microsoft Exchange / CN=YourOrganizationName / CN=Administrative groups / CN=Exchange Administrative Group / CN=Databases" and remove CN=YourEx2007PublicFolderDatabaseName. Vote if Helpful :) |
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February 1st, 2013 7:40pm

Hi Jason, I'd also suggest check the PF replication and make sure it is completed successfully. But don't remove PF DB before all is working well. It is recommended to power off the old srver for several weeks. Hope it is hlepful. Fiona Liao TechNet Community Support
February 6th, 2013 11:40am

Hello, Any update? If the issue is resolved, it would be nice to mark it accordingly. Thanks.Fiona Liao TechNet Community Support
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February 8th, 2013 5:46am

I've moved all the client based public folders to the new Exchange servers and have just now enabled public folder distribution of the Address Book. My guess is Outlook 2003 and Entourage users are still connecting to Exchange 2007 for Free/Busy and/or Offline Address Book. If I'm reading things correctly, after the scheduled maintenance tasks run this information should be available on 2010. Should know in 24 hours.Jason Meyer
February 11th, 2013 11:05pm

I ran the move script and it looks like it only moved the Default Public Folders that we created but not the System Public Folders for Offline Address Book and Free Busy... I found another forum: talking about using the AddReplicationPFRecursive.ps1 script and looks like that one moved the System Public Folders. I see the e-mails going back and forth between the two public folders now.. Fiona, What is the best way to tell if Public Folder replication has completed 100%? Jason Meyer
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April 18th, 2013 11:21pm

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