Standard vs. Enterprise
Currently I have 30 email users using Outlook 2003. Email is a POP3 account. The average combined size of the pst files per user is 1gb. We are considering MS Exchange primarily for shared calendaring and remote email access. I know that when a shared calendar is available all 30 users will be using it extensively thus, besides mailbox storage, I have to contend with the calendar data storage. Assuming I have the hardware and software platform in place to support Exchange 2003 would the Standard Edition be sufficient to begin with or should we begin with Enterprise? My question is really specific to the anticipated size of the message store and whether Standard edition's storage limit would cause me a problem.Thank you in advance.
September 25th, 2006 8:29pm

Exchange 2003 Standard will work fine given the info you provided. Exchange Server 2003 SP2 actually increases the database limit to 75GB so you'll have no problem with storage. Calendar storage is actually quite minimal for most users. One thing to watch out for when installing Exchange Server 2003 SP2 is that by default, we limit the database size to 18GB to avoid unexpected database growth. However, using a registry key, you can increase that limit to 75GB. See more info. David.
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September 27th, 2006 4:43am

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