Setting style to a collapsed cell in pivottable, also changes the style for the child items when show details


I have a pivottable, say i have Month and Week fields on Column. Have other fields on Row and the Data fields (say Cost and Profit) on Row as well.

When i collapse the Month column (say JAN), so that the Weeks within JAN get collapsed and I see subtotal values.

Now, i set the style of Cost@JAN cell (by getting the range and doing range.Style = "my_custom_style")

Now, when i expand the JAN field (showdetails or click on the "+" button), I see that the child items (cells corresponding to Cost@Weeks under JAN) inherited the style from parent.

Is it expected ?

I am doing it through code in my excel addin (office 2013)

I tried creating a dummy pivottable and setting the style manually, 

Link to sample excel - collapse column "mon1", click on first data cell "5", select a style from "Styles" group in the Home tab, then expand "mon1". All child cells get styled

I am trying out since 2 days on this bug so wanted to check if its some settings exposed that am missing or is expected behavior ?

Would be great if someone can help me on this.

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September 21st, 2014 5:25am

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